Here are some samples of my teaching activities.

Virtualisation of Universities

This is a university course and part of the module on Higher Education Research and Science Communication, which I have been teaching every year since 2001. In this interdisciplinary course on the Virtualisation of Universities, I encourage and supervise small research projects on the use of digital media in higher education. This year, I teach 15 students from nine disciplines and three different universities. Two groups from this class will present their work at the GMW 2008 conference.

OpenCourseWare Klagenfurt

I am head of the OCW Klagenfurt initiative, which emulates MIT’s OpenCourseWare model for the free publication of course materials and introduces it to the environment of a central European university. University of Klagenfurt is the first university from a German speaking country to be member of the international OpenCourseWare-Consortium.

Open Knowledge Resources for Higher Education

This is a webcasted lecture I prepared for the NUI (National University of Ireland) at Galway in the context of the European eCompetence Project. Here are three different materials from this lecture
[Webcast of the videorecording]
[PDF of the full text]
[PPT of the presentation slides]