Understanding and overcoming discrimination in labour recruitment practices in Austria

Research project investigating different forms of organisational discrimination in labour recruitment practices and identifying potential remedies against discrimination, funded by the European Commission via the PROGRESS programme.

Anerkennung ausländischer Qualifikationen und informeller Kompetenzen in Österreich

(Recognition of foreign qualifications and of informal competencies in Austria)
Research and consultancy project generating an overview on all institutionalised forms of recognition in Austria, commissioned by the federal Ministry of Interior


The Leonardo Project SAETO developed a software-supported system for self-assessment in educational and training organisations (ETO) that translates the EFQM model to the educational sector and links it with ISO 9000 in one assessment effort. The solution is supported by e-learning modules. Trans-SAETO transfers results of the SAETO project to new regions, with a structured deployment in Liechtenstein and the German speaking parts of Europe.

Quality in Teaching

Organisational development project to conceptualise and implement a coherent quality management system for teaching at Vienna University, focusing on the design, implementation and further development of study programs.

HEQAS - Kazakhstan

(Support to the Development and Monitoring of a Quality Assurance System for Higher Education in Kazakhstan)
Consultancy and development aid project, addressing quality assurance policies and measurements in Kazakhstan at national and institutional level, funded by EuropeAid/Tacis

Sustainable Development of eLearning Content

Policy development initiative in the context of FNM-A (Forum New Media – Austria), the national network for eLearning at higher education institutions, co-funded by the Austrian Ministry of Science


(European eCompetence Initiative for Higher Education Staff)
Large networking project (about 23 institutions participating) on individual and organizational strategies for the implementation of educational technologies in Higher Education Institutions, funded by the EU in the context of the eLearning Call on Preperatory and Innovative Actions

OpenCourseWare Klagenfurt

Emulating MIT’s OpenCourseWare model for the free publication of course materials and introducing it to the environment of a central European university; University of Klagenfurt is the first university from a German speaking country to be member of the international OpenCourseWare-Consortium

Open Alpen-Adria University Klagenfurt

Institutional eLearning strategy project at the University of Klagenfurt, co-funded by the Austrian Ministry of Science


(Higher Education Institutions’ Responses to European Integration and Globalisation)
International comparative study in seven European countries on Higher Education Systems and Higher Education Institutions, and their responses to the challenges of European Integration and globalization, funded by the EU in the context of the 5th framework programme

Organisational development and staff training for educational technologies

Study to develop a theoretical framework to analyse practical examples for uses of educational technologies, funded by the Austrian Ministry of Science

PlaNet ET

(Platform and Network for Educational Technologies)
Staff training programme on the use of educational technologies, funded by the Austrian Ministry of Science

eScience Portal

Concept development for a national Web-portal on research and higher education, commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Science

Internationalisation of the Fachhochschule sector

Study commissioned by the Accreditation Agency for the Fachhochschule [politechnical] sector, on the internationalization of Fachhochschule institutions and study programmes

Higher Education in the Digital Age

Research grant recipient as a visiting scholar at the Center for Studies in Higher Education, UC Berkeley

The Transfer of an ‘Accreditation Model’ in Higher Education from Britain to Austria

International research project in collaboration with the University of East London, commissioned by the ESCR (Economic & Social Research Council), UK


(Higher Education Institutions and the National Economy)
International comparative study on the responses of higher education institutions to the needs of their national economies. The multinational research network consisted of partners from eight different countries and was funded by the EU in the context of the TSER (Targeted Socio-Economic Research) programme

Internationalization of Austrian Higher Education Institutions

Research project on the state of internationalization at Higher Education Institutions, commissioned by the Austrian Ministry of Science

Evaluation of the Linguistics Institute

External Support for the Self-evaluation of the Linguistics Institute
Research and consultancy project at the University of Vienna

Universities on Strike in 1996

Media analysis, commissioned by the IFF (Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies)

Evaluation of the programme for political education

Evaluation of a continuing education programme for political education as a speciality for school teachers